28 February, 2014

Whole gamut of emotions

Approximately four months from now we'll be in an aeroplane headed for Australia. In an IM conversation yesterday, a friend wrote:
I hope everything's coming together for your home assignment. I feel stressed even thinking about it.
Here's an extended reply to a question like that:
Moving into this house. Our entry looked like this (after a while)!

Hating the process of upheaval.

Happy to be going to our home country, where most things are just a little bit more familiar and easier.

Sad about saying goodbyes here.

Placated that many of the goodbyes are actually, "See you later."

Excited about seeing friends and family that we've missed while being away.

Depressed at how much there is to do.

Impatient to see it all over and us settled on the other side.

Relieved that I'll be able to speak English for 12 months.

Thrilled to see some things starting to fall in place.

Daunted by the pile of things to get completed.

Lightheaded about the possibilities in Australia. (Like writing and editing courses for me, wrestling club for the boys.)

Grieved at missed opportunities here while we're away.

Enthusiastic about new opportunities we'll find in Australia.

Fearful about how the boys will "land".

Joyful anticipation at being able to easily buy things that we can't here.

Apprehension at facing large Australian supermarkets again (so much choice).

Nervous because I know that all the above emotions are only going to intensify as the time draws closer.

Does that give you a broader picture about how I'm feeling? I'm usually a pretty steady person, emotionally, and times like this I don't like because I get a bit more thrashed around than usual!


Tim and Susan said...

Totally understand all those feelings, loved the way you wrote about it. And we are starting to feel those on the flip side heading back. God is gracious and sustains us through!!!

Sarah said...

Praying for you in the months to come, Wendy.

Wendy said...

Thank you Sarah. I'd love to meet you, by the way, when we come to WA, but probably will mostly be only in Perth :-(

Yes, Susan: He is incredibly gracious and compassionate and helps us through.