11 February, 2014

Results of the Big Bedroom Switch

The great bedroom switch is now a couple of weeks behind us now and maybe you're wondering how it went. It was a big couple of days, switching it all over (incorporated into a big weekend that I wrote about here). However, I think it has all been worth it!

Two desks. Our middle son loves having his desk
here. It's shifted around a little in the past, but mostly
been just off the dining room in the lounge so that I
could supervise him (he's a terrific procrastinator).
However, he loves being up here after school on his
own (his older brother hasn't been coming home until
6.30 or later from wrestling training recently). The
biggest difficulty with this is arrangement is me
remembering to go up and check that he is
actually working.

The reason we changed was to help one of our sons who needed a break from the brother he was rooming with. He's settled down a lot since he's moved out, for which we're very grateful. The biggest issue we're dealing with now is a preteen who's struggling to go to sleep at an appropriate time because he wants to talk to his beloved older brother, who stays up later.

With the shifting of furniture, the ambiance of both rooms has changed considerably, to my surprise. We wondered how our biggest extrovert would cope with being in a room on his own, but he seems to be fine, even enjoying the peace.

And, as I said in that previous post, the shift enabled us to throw a lot of stuff out or put it aside for sale at CAJ's Thrift Shop in April. That was a bonus!

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