03 February, 2014

Japan Photo Answer #46

On Saturday I asked if anyone could guess what this was used for. No one's gotten close. 

It is a food delivery bike. Especially Japanese noodles in soup, I believe. It is rigged so the the soup won't spill as the scooter goes around corners. 

Peter noted that these have been around for many years. They're certainly a common sight. 

Scooters are a popular way to deliver food here. Pizza is delivered that way, so is McDonalds. Japan is probably not the only place that happens, though, judging by this webpage.

But small vehicles, in general, are very useful in the narrow winding streets that makes up much of Tokyo. Check this one-person delivery vehicle we found parked at a 7-11 we visited one day.

This is our 8 y.o. son standing next to the car. It was tiny!

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