16 February, 2014

They Grow Up

I had a conversation with a friend after church today. He's in the deep throes of little-boy parenting. He wondered if I wanted two more boys for a while . . . I tried to reassure him that these boys do grow up and fairly fast too! He said, "So people keep trying to tell me."

During the service, I was sitting next to my biggest boy (who turns 15 in May). It isn't too long ago that I had to take a swag of things to keep him busy and sitting quietly (or, as he grew, encourage him to bring his own stuff). 
My "fiddle toy" (pen for size comparison).

This boy has so much energy! From the time when he could get around he's always moved. It was crazy for us until he learned to read, then we would get some rest time. It is one reason we love to see him doing sports and using his energy in a positive fashion (it also helps him sleep at night). 

Usually these days, though, he sits very quietly through a whole service (an hour). 

Today he was a tiny bit restless, which led him to fiddle with things like a plastic bag, and the clip on some headphones. I don't mind him fiddling, but those things were making noises in the ultra-quiet environment of a church devoid of younger children (they were all in Sunday School or in the "cry" room out the back). So I fished out a small item that I carry with me. I carry it because I'm also a fidgeter, I need something in my hands in a situation where I'm just listening, or a little bit bored but have to sit still and look attentive. This little coil fits easily onto one of my fingers and so is a perfect, less than obvious "toy" to fiddle with.
Perhaps a slightly better photo?

It was all my son needed to sit quietly for the rest of the service. Ten years ago I wouldn't have believed you, if you'd have said that would be all it would take. Actually, even five years ago!

So, take heart, all you parents who ever despair of your kids sitting quietly in an environment such as that, it can and will happen! Indeed, these kids do grow up and shed those childish things that we tear our hair out about!


Ken Rolph said...

Kids do grow up. Then you find ourself minding the grandkids. Ours are only 5 and 3, so we don't let them watch too much TV, especially the news.

Except sometimes. Like when there is a grisly murder in Sydney. If the body is covered by a sheet we call in the kids to watch out for a woman in a blue coverall and black boots, with her blonde hair tightly tied in a ponytail. She might be wearing gloves and carrying a camera. When she appears we say to the grandkids, "Look, there's your mum".

Sometimes they grow up enough to worry you.

Wendy said...

Thanks for dropping by Ken. Yes, from observation, I know that our worries about our kids don't end once their officially "grown up".