19 February, 2014

More funny English in Japan

I'm still playing catch-up from my elongated cold early in February, then a day out for the Wrestling Tournament last week, then a snow day and then, to top it all off, four-day Winter break. It all equals lots of time when I couldn't work on the things that I need to work on!

Update: I don't have a middle ear infection, don't know if I ever did. I went to an ENT yesterday who said that middle ear infections are accompanied, in adults, by intense pain. I never had intense pain! However, that leaves me with a gummed up eustachian tube that isn't working properly yet and without 100% hearing in my left ear. He said, "Be patient, there's nothing more we can do except continue taking the medication you already have." Sigh. At least I don't have to take any more antibiotics.

So, in lieu of a decent post, I've a couple of photos of fun English:

My husband asked me to buy him some more L sized washing up gloves.
This was two right-handed rubber gloves that were, apparently, fluffy
inside. I didn't buy them!

And in the same 100 yen shop I found this Milk Tea (cold) that
apparently is in "off mode".
In the red circle below is says, "Calorie Off",
so I guess that is what it means: low in calories!?!

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