24 February, 2014

Clothes shopping with boys

After nearly 1 ½ decades of parenting boys we have some things down pat. Shopping for clothes is one. Recently we were all out on bikes and about to head home when my husband suddenly said, "Let's go clothes shopping!"

When my boys were this age, I had no idea of the amazing
skills I'd learn in parenting boys!
We both knew that the stocks of acceptable long-pants were getting low for two of our boys, our third son had some wardrobe needs too. I tried to buy some long pants for them on my own last week at one store without success, the shops are moving into spring mode (even though there is still a pile of snow outside my house)! So this wasn't such an unusual thing to say.

This time we went to a larger store (think Target), that wasn't far from where we were. So, barely before the boys could realise what was going on, they were in dressing rooms trying on pants that we'd found for them. Here's another time I pulled a swift one on them in order to get them some clothes.

I come from a girl-family. I have two sisters and no brothers. We never shopped like this!

Shopping with a tribe of boys vs a bevy of girls is as different as wrestling and ballet. The best way to describe shopping with boys comes from my dad (the only male in my household growing up, who hated the way we girls shopped). He says, "Women GO shopping, men DO shopping."

You go in very focused for the "kill" and then you get out. Simple.

Oh, and bribery helps too! To soften the blow the boys were promised a trip to the small bakery for a snack of their choosing after they'd cooperated.


We even got some "acceptable if you have to dress nicely" pants. Wonderful. No tears, no tantrums, and no lengthy delays. It was all over in under 30 minutes.


Sarah said...

My husband shops like that. He's in and out in record time. He also tends to buy the more expensive brands because he thinks they'll last longer and he won't have to go clothes shopping again for years. :)

Wendy said...

Does it work, Sarah? The expensive brands-so they last longer?