30 October, 2013

Dig Pink?

Our eldest got creative with this
beanie that was too small, he put it
over his usual green beanie, and it
looked just right! It was a bit hot,
Last night we wandered down to school to watch a volleyball match. But it was more than a volleyball match. It was a Dig Pink event. It was a fundraising/awareness raising event for breast cancer.

Almost the whole school went pink yesterday, I'm told, especially the older grades. Our family had to work a bit to achieve a "pink" look. We bought some cheap accessories at Thrift Shop and ended up with not too bad an effect with a hat, scarf, and two bandanas.

Oh, we did watch some volleyball. The Junior Varsity
team (B team) played a great match, and the deciding
match was only lost by two points. Disappointing, but
a fun match to watch. We had to go home to finish
homework, so didn't see how the later match of the
 Varsity team (A team) went.

This is the second year the school's done this, and last year I found myself with nothing pink beyond socks and underwear. I've not worn pink since I was a child (see here for a post about me and pink)! But yesterday I changed that by pulling out a shirt (from Thrift Shop, I admit) and I wore pink in public! And I took a photo for proof.

It was something fun in the midst of the usual round of homework and daily chores.

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