21 October, 2013

News from our son in Guam

This proves he really was there. It looks like it
is the end of the relay, the second race they
ran on Saturday.
Our son comes back from Guam tomorrow morning. We've had a total of one email from him, basically telling us his result (in one of the two races) and that it was muddy!

Bare facts is that he came 92nd out of 160 high school aged runners (up to the age of 19, I think). His time was a couple of minutes under his best for 5km, but the course was very muddy and also new to him. He was fourth out of CAJ's seven runners. We never expected him, at 14, to do this well in his first high school season, so we're very proud!

The runners came from 19 different schools across Asia, including Korea China. His relay team came 8th, but CAJ came (if I understand the results right) 6th overall for the meet, which isn't bad for a small school.

Thankfully we got other emails from staff, plus I found they have a Facebook site for the event, where I found this video of the start of both the boys and girls individual races. BUT that link doesn't seem to work. Somehow I can't embed that video link into this post. Oh well. If you're really desperate to see it, and you're on Facebook, you can go to this page (their FB page).

So, he's back tomorrow and I guess we'll hear a lot more about his time away. Certainly his brothers have a lot to tell him. We'll see how it all goes.

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