19 October, 2013

Not for Sale Japan

Did you know that human trafficking is a problem in Japan, and in fact no country in the world is free from this problem.

Regarding Japan, there are two types of trafficking in Japan, plus the problems that Japanese people cause outside of their country:

Sex Trafficking

*Roughtly there are 2 types of sex trafficking—
         Trafficked into sex industry (victims are mainly from abroad)
         Trafficking related to pornography production
         (victims include Japanese women and children)

*Japanese law has a problem…
         Simple possession of pornography is not illegal now!

Labor Trafficking in Japan

*Slave labor at the workplaces sanctioned by Japanese government!?
         (Abuse of Foreign Trainee and Technical Internship Program)

*The cases seldom raised to surface because victims fear forced deportation
   (They owe sending agencies large deposit before coming to Japan.)

Human Trafficking Abroad Caused by Japanese

*There are roughly 3 issues here—
          Japanese are big customers of sex tourism
          We may purchase products made by forced/slave labor
          Your company may buy ingredients made by force/slave labor

The above comes straight from the Not For Sale Japan website. If you're concerned about this problem, please go to their website and see what you can do to help, or just spread the awareness.

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