13 October, 2013

What's up doc?

Yesterday we attended our last cross country meet for the season. Our son ran a personal best again. Though he didn't reach his goal, known as his "ice cream time" (the coach buys them an ice team if they beat this time).
The start of the boys high school varsity race (top
seven runners from each high school).

On Wednesday he'll fly with the team to Guam to attend the Asia Pacific Invitational meet on Friday and Saturday. Due to flight difficulties, they won't get back till next Tuesday. So it's going to be a bit of an odd week for us.

Meanwhile school is off tomorrow, it's officially "Fall Break" at CAJ, even if that only means a 3-day long weekend. Having our son involved in a meet yesterday and in cross country (and wrestling) training tomorrow we weren't going anywhere this weekend. But hopefully we'll be able to have an at-home break tomorrow.

Then next week from Wednesday is CAJ's Thrift Shop again. I've cleared my schedule and I'm bracing myself for four days of volunteering again.

What else is "up doc"?

This difficult situation seems to have abated, or possibly even largely been resolved for the time being at least, thankfully.
Running? The fun run's been cancelled, I found out yesterday, so I've got no goal anymore. However my "training" hadn't been going all that well anyway as my knees were complaining about even the small amount of pounding the pavements that I managed (no soft training tracks around here).

And so life continues. My desk is piled high in a virtual sense, with editing and I have volunteered to go to the zoo with the 3rd graders on Friday. We have a visitor dropping in from Australia on Thursday night too.

But for now, I've got to go and heat up some left-overs for Sunday night dinner.

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