16 October, 2013

A cancelled day

9am Lot's going on here . . . and nothing. School's been cancelled for the day due to a large typhoon that's skimming our coast, so the myriad of things that we'd planned to do are now either cancelled or up in the air.

12pm Yep, instead of going downtown for an important meeting this morning, I've been pottering around the house. Answering sewing questions from our 8 y.o., answering overseas travel and packing questions from our 14 y.o. who leaves for Guam this afternoon, and encouraging our 11 y.o. to complete given homework. In between I've been monitoring email and gradually adjusting my/our schedule as things change. Oh, and I did vacuum the house too.

Trouble was it was a day that had been finely tuned, schedule-wise. It was an unusually complicated schedule from 8.30am through to 7pm. When you're talking a family of five, one
This little boy is now 14 and can see over
my head without difficulty. I can't believe that
he's going overseas today for six days without us!
change can domino into multiple changes. In this case, all because of a typhoon. The typhoon passed to the east of Tokyo, though I wouldn't have liked to be along the coast, it got quite gusty this morning here and we're a fair way inland.

I'm having trouble concentrating on anything, not in the least due to a headache that is threatening to overtake my head. We'd even planned to have dinner at CAJ's concession stand this evening prior to the guys going off the karate, but the volleyball the concession stand was for has also been cancelled, so now I have to come up with something to eat for dinner!

A minor point, but for the first time ever, it was planned that an Australian university rep. was to visit CAJ today. That too was cancelled, there are no students there today. Minor point, as I said, but all of these things mess with my brain. It takes me back to the days after the March 11 disaster in 2011, when everything seemed to be constantly changing and being cancelled, that was a greater sense of loss than today where it is just one day.

Ha, if I lived in a different country I'd have to get used to this kind of thing and be more flexible. For the most part, Japan is very organised and reliable. I like that.

Here's something of an interesting aside of something totally different. The creator of Anpanman, a long-term popular cartoon character and series (first created when I was a baby) died on Sunday at 94 years of age. http://newsonjapan.com/html/newsdesk/article/104896.php

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