24 October, 2013

Thrift shop set-up day two

It is usually very busy in the morning and a little less so for a couple of hours after lunch. During which time you can do a bit of your own shopping. If you work at least four hours, you get to shop early (other PTA members have to wait until tomorrow and non-PTA members have to wait till Saturday). 

I'm feeling pretty chuffed tonight because I nailed my teenage son after school and got him to try on some clothes and as a result I bought him six items of winter clothing for only ¥1000  (about AU$10). 

I also found a "new" long sleeve tshirt in my favourite colour: green. Awesome! 

But actually, aside from a few small items, we're trying not to buy anything much at Thrift Shop this year because we have to potentially store it all from June next year while we're in Australia. 

I'm feeling pretty tired. My legs, in particular, are aching. I sat down a lot less today. Thankfully I'd planned left-overs for tonight: less standing in the kitchen. 

Two days down, two to go. The next two are a lot more sitting, though: I'm on the registers. We're praying that the typhoons is headed this way slows right down so that it don't detract shoppers, especially on Saturday (and it looks like that is what it is doing, praise the Lord). What isn't sold by 1pm Saturday is thrown out! We'd rather it was sold and the money gone into the PTA coffers than the PTA having to pay to dispose of it!

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