11 October, 2013

Interesting Japan-related media

Interesting Japan-related "media" I've seen or read recently:

1. This is the testimony of a Japanese career woman who came to the Lord, primarily out of
her dissatisfaction with her lifestyle.

2. An article about a film made by and about people who have one Japanese parent and the other parent a different nationality. The film director, Megumi Nishikura, said, "People treat me like a foreigner, Japanese people look at me and say, 'You don't look like a Megumi.'"
Such experiences inspired the half-Japanese, half-American documentary maker to join forces with Laura Perez Takagi, a half-Japanese, half-Spanish documentary maker to create “Hafu,”touted as the first feature-length film about persons of mixed-Japanese descent.
3. A joint testimony of a Japanese couple who divorced, yet both came to the Lord and got back together again, more than a decade later.

4. An inflatable concert venue. An innovative response to a lack of live music venues in Japan's disaster zone.

5. This video is about giving ex-prisoners a fresh start in employment:

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