08 October, 2013

Spotty Patty Cakes and other delights

Spotty Patty Cakes -- they're running out
My boys are in snack heaven right now because I baked on Saturday afternoon. I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies and Spotty Patty Cakes.

The second one is a recipe that I pulled out of a magazine two years ago, but never made. Turns out to be a winner!

It is amazing how dressing up a plain cake with something like chocolate chips can make it exciting. The boys have been begging for more! If you want to try it out, the recipe is here. I didn't have any white chocolate chips, so I just made the plain cakes with the choco chips and chocolate icing. I also, as you must realise from my title, made them into Patty Cakes*. I've got heaps of patty cake liners that I'd like to use up. And they've worked really well.
Yes, Saturday afternoon was my creative self-therapy time. 

I also tried another new recipe called Devonshire Apple Scones. They look like Rock Cakes (or UK/Aussie biscuits), but they are more cake-like, not like a usual English/Aussie scone. Yummy! We've been eating them for dessert this week. I love apple and cinnamon!

*Patty Cakes are what I grew up calling sweet muffins (not with fruit, or bran or anything). They are also not super-sized like muffins often are.

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