22 April, 2009

10 random things

10 random things that even my friends might not know about me. 1. I am left-handed and proud of it. 2. I hate pink and almost never wear it. The only pink in my wardrobe is underwear and a thin stripe on exercise pants and some PJs which were gifts. Actually I don't mind other people wearing pink, it is just not me. Neither is lacy-type clothes. 3. My engagement ring has an emerald in it. My favourite precious stone. 4. I've had three caesareans. 5. I studied Occupational Therapy at university, but I haven't worked as one since our eldest son was born. 6. I started learning piano at 4 years of age and didn't stop until I left school. 7. When I was in Grade 4 I was trying to write a passage at school for entry into the local show's writing competition. However, I ended up giggling hysterically and couldn't complete the task. 8. I hate superficiality. In conversation with friends and family and in circular letters (read - prayer letters, Christmas letters etc). 9. I hate walking barefoot on wet concrete. A problem originating from an awful primary school swimming pool. The change room had a terrible slimy concrete floor. This makes going swimming and taking showers on tiled floors a challenge. I usually wear rubber thongs (flip-flops for non Aussies) at camps to avoid this if at all possible. 10. I dread boredom. Having no book to read, no project to do, no one to talk to. I hate sitting at the park with children for this reason. I usually take a book or a portable project to do. Wow, a lot of those are negative things. Maybe I'll think up some more positive things for tomorrow?


Hippomanic Jen said...

Okay it took me a while to get the wet concrete one - you see, my Dad did alot of landscaping around the house when I was growing up and we were never encouraged to walk on concrete that was not yet dry - it leaves imprints. Forever. Fortunately your reference to swimming pools helped me to get to a "Oh, set, hard concrete that has been wet, I get it now," moment. I am a twit.

Wendy said...

Sorry, yes, "wet concrete" could be read that way. Be encouraged, Jen, you got it right in the end!

Mrs Q said...

I empathise with the slimy wet concrete statement. I remember the feel of it under my feet in the change rooms at the pool at my primary school. Yuk. I don't have time to be bored but considered myself 'tagged' and have done this on my blog. Thanks!