13 April, 2009

Thoughts on packing up to go...9 weeks out.

We have only nine weeks until we move out of our house. Nine weeks is an uncomfortable number, however. There is so much we cannot pack yet...think, sheets, dishes, cooking utensils, videos, toys...so what do I do? I am tense with anticipation, worry that I'll start too late, but starting too early will also be an error. Weeks of "oh, I've already pack that" would be a nightmare. So, when is the Right Time? We've done most of the sorting, especially of things that we no longer want or need. This week is the Christian Academy in Japan's giant biannual garage sale, also known as Thrift Shop. Our small bedroom is piled with boxes of clothes, toys and other miscellaneous items destined for Thrift Shop. Each one tagged with our PTA number and price. Usually you can get many good bargains at Thrift Shop, but this week we'll try to limit our purchases to immediate boys clothing needs. So perhaps this week I'll relax a little, knowing that at least I've done my best for Thrift Shop (in terms of donation). The other concern I have is that we live on the edge of exhaustion much of the time (three spirited boys in a foreign culture will do that for you) and over the next ten and a half weeks, packing up and leaving will be competing for rest time. How will we get to the end? What sort of state will we be in when we land in Australia? Hopefully Queensland, but that is another blog post :-) My husband and I are trying to repeat frequently to each other - it is just a whole lot of small jobs, just a whole lot of little jobs... and "Keep your eyes on Him...on Him who had the power to rise from the dead, He can give you power to make it through."

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