03 April, 2009

Birthday contemplations

Today I'm doing something for the 30 something time. If you think about it, that is not so many times, is it? Not that I feel like making myself younger than I am, but only doing something 30 or so times doesn't necessarily make you feel like an expert. I certainly feel less than qualified to celebrate my own birthday. Especially in the presence of time-demanding children. Birthdays as a child were pretty predictable. Present, cake, food, the song, a party of some dimension or other and feeling spoiled for the day. As an adult, how you celebrate your birthday changes. Then some of us have kids and it changes again. As one of my Facebook friends put it "all a mother really wants is dinner to be made and children's behaviour to be above average so I hope that's true for you!" But my problem, is what if it is not? What if my children's behaviour is not above average? What if I'm unwell or the weather is awful? What do I do with all the good wishes and greetings? Do I feel sorry for myself? Do I make certain demands? Do I get to be selfish for the day? Where do I draw the line? As it turns out, I'm having a lovely day. The weather has really turned it on. After weeks of unseasonal cool, then mucky rain and wind over the last two days, today is about as perfect as you get in April in Japan! We lunched under Cherry Blossoms, the kids played happily at CAJ playground and I'm going out for dinner (I refused to cook dinner). Yes, the boys have fought. Not a perfect day by any means, but a very nice day. I did get this gorgeous Japanese-style card from my best Japanese friend. Japanese don't typically celebrate birthdays, particularly as adults, but my friend and I almost share a birthday. As I gave her a present and card she has, in good Japanese fashion, returned the favour.


Anika Qing said...



(That *is* a lovely birthday card...)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoyed dinner out!

Mrs Q said...

Glad you did have a lovely day!