29 April, 2009

Four-year-old's Birthday

Despite the headache I had all day, we managed to give our boy a memorable birthday. He walked around all day muttering comments like, "I'm so glad it's my birthday." and "I've got two spidermen, one Lego car, a firemans' hat and coat and something else I can't remember..." To top it all off we had a family plus one party. Of course the highlight of the party was this much anticipated cake. He chose it months ago and has been drooling over the picture in the cookbook ever since. The only indication that it might not have lived up to expectations was that he didn't actually finish his slice of cake - the tip of the sword, of course. But I can kind of understand. By the time we'd eaten the food he'd selected for his birthday tea: sausages, sausages-in-bread and chips (I slipped in some salad for our artery's sake), we'd all overdosed on salt and fat. Then the cake was about 60% cake and 40% icing (and about 80% of the icing was butter), actually the tip of the cake was only about 25% cake. However, it is much easier to shape icing than sunken cake, so I don't apologise for the ratios! Nevertheless, he went to bed a happy boy. And us, tired, but happy parents.


Simone R. said...

lovely cake. Hearing about all that butter and sugar makes me want to head for the kitchen!

Cat said...

The cake looks great, Wendy. I'm glad it was a great day for you all.

Mrs Q said...

Great cake! Mike said it was a "very sharp sword cake". How did you get the grey colour in the icing? A mixture of blue colouring with a little red perhaps?