30 April, 2009


I know that every mum juggles. Indeed most people do. It just seems that I am juggling more than the usual amount at present. Seems a good time for one of my favourite things - a list! I am juggling:
  • Homeschooling
  • Care of three lively boys and one husband (he's pretty easy)
  • Writing our personal prayer/newsletter letter
  • Editing/desk top publishing a mission letter
  • Switching computers and operating systems (read PC to Mac)
  • Keeping up with email in the meantime
  • Preparing for a two day retreat, including choosing five songs and practising them.
  • Organising the care of fore mentioned children during the day tomorrow.
  • Preparation for home assignment (flying in 8 weeks)
Is that enough? It is for me! Actually I am very thankful for the retreat at this point. It seems like an intrusion, but it will probably be very refreshing to my spirit and just might give me the boost I need to get over the hump of the next eight weeks. I am incredibly thankful for the two friends who are covering the care of our two youngest boys from 8.30 till 3.45 tomorrow!

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