07 April, 2009

Mother's law of Murphy

I saw a book recently when browsing the English shelf of a down-town bookshop. Murphy's law and variants of it was the topic. I'm thinking I should have bought it because I reckon I might be able to add some from a mother's point of view. This kind of thing begins from the very beginning: During pregnancy: If I lie down to rest, the baby will kick. Newborn: If I lie down to rest, the baby will wake up. If I change a nappy (daiper), then the baby will poo again straight away. If I think the toddler is safe enough with the crayons, the moment I turn away he will draw on the vertical blinds (true story). If I think it is finally safe to step into the little room for some relief, there will certainly be an emergency. If I wait to step into the little room to complete some important task, then certainly there will be someone using it when I am free. In a quiet moment, I run the water to wash up dishes. As soon as the water fills the sink, the phone will ring or the children will start a fight that degenerates into dangerous territory. If I forget to take water bottles on a short journey, someone will certainly fake dying from thirst during the journey. If my Mum rings (from overseas), the boys will instantly require my full and undivided attention. In a variation of the above, the children will start fighting and the door bell will ring. Within a day of thinking, "Everyone has been so well recently", someone will be sick. If I sat here longer, I'm sure I could find many more, but the children need my attention...feel free to share some of your own "Murphy's Laws".

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