26 August, 2016

Lots happening today

Today the new school year started. My guys are in grades 6 and 8 (both middle school); and 12 (last year of high school). Wow! As compared to first days of school a few years ago it was relatively calm. No one got up early or danced in the hall. But they were all positive about it and came home happy too. 

It was a bit of a hodgepodge day, though. School finished at 12 (usual soft start for the first day of school) and then the first cross country training of the season. 

We'll soon be watching races like this again.
All my boys have joined the team! In fact they are all intending to do the same sports all year: wrestling in the winter and athletics in the summer. I'm glad because that simplifies thing for us in many ways. Both cross country and athletics have some meets that include both middle and high school. That is, just one place for us all to be! Wrestling is another story.
So the boys dribbled in between 1.30 and 2.30 looking for lunch. Then two left again, going to hang out with friends. In fact our eldest has hardly been here today at all. He came home for dinner then rushed off to his wrestling club training and will stop back at about 10pm for a bike and a change of clothes before going to a friend's birthday-sleepover. 

I can already tell it's going to be an interesting year. Different to what's gone before. Not having a primary schooler will be a big change. Having a senior will also be a change. 

On top of all this I had my own agenda. I met a friend for coffee this morning downtown. Her family's been having a tough time recently, but I think we were an encouragement for each other. I can't really speak for her but I certainly felt encouraged and refreshed. 

Then this afternoon, while the boys popped in and out, I had a time-sensitive newsletter to format for my mission leaders, urgent emails to write and answer, and some article acquisition for the magazine to attend to. Then a trip to the Post Office with presents for Father's Day and another birthday plus Friday's usual grocery shopping. Thankfully it was leftovers for dinner this evening. 

The context of all this was a pretty hot day. 34C in our bedroom at one point this afternoon with the humidity up around 70/80%! Warm.

So now I'm relaxing in our air conditioned lounge room. 

Tomorrow is Saturday thankfully. Agenda? A bit of a sleep in. Shoe- and a little bit of remaining school-shopping. And a baking-date with my youngest, who, through our cooking-dinner policy over the summer, has discovered a renewed interest in the kitchen. He wants to learn how to make my popular chocolate cheesecake (but doesn't want to share it with anyone so no one think about calling over unexpectedly, will you!?). That might be enough for tomorrow, although some lunchbox snacks might need to be manufactured too. 

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