25 August, 2016

Photos from our summer in Tokyo #4

My last summer-photo post. While we're still in for a bit of summer yet, the holidays are officially over tomorrow and life gets back to a more steady routine. 

Here's where I've worked the few times I went to the coffee shop. The view is out over the turn-around area on our side of the local train station. 
This is from the other side of the turn-around area at the station, looking towards the coffee shop on the 1st floor (2nd floor if you are Japanese or American). 

A closer view where you can see "Tully's Coffee". 

Oh, it did rain! This is a screen shot from a radar app on my phone that is generally very helpful in keeping an eye on potential local rain. We found it useful when camping too.  

This was the typhoon that came through on Monday. Not a lot of wind here (we're a bit inland) but a lot of rain. The road outside our house turned into a river, a dirty river. The light brown here is soil washed out of the kindergarten down the road. 

And the front of our car, where you can't see the gutter at all. The water was right back into our carport. 

This is a little random. One day on the way to the grocery store on my bike I spotted this guy mowing the grass in this park. It's hard to see but it's a ride-on mower of the likes I've never seen before. There are two parts, the mower and towed behind the mower is a seat for the driver!

We did watch a bit of Olympic wrestling. I was interested to find this on the website. Why should you watch wrestling?

Another reason to watch it might have been to see a tough wrestling coach protest with a plush toy wearing, no less, a wrestling "singlet" of the appropriate colour (red or blue)!

We continued with the boys each cooking a main meal once a week. This is a rare roast chicken (you can't buy whole chicken in any usual Japan store) made by a reluctant boy. 

And Slow Cooker BBQ ribs, also cooked by a boy, but one who was more enthusiastic. 

A clean boy-room. This was my brainwave this week. I insisted that both rooms were tidied and vacuumed by the residents before school began. 

Today I went into the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association office and helped pack the summer magazine, actually in summer! So satisfying. 
And a glimpse of the inside of the mag. 

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