24 August, 2016

Working through the summer

This is the simple sewing project that I mentioned as a
pie-in-the-sky idea. A table runner. It's a little bit too long,
but we're coping with that.
I'm feeling pretty pleased with what I've -achieved in the last month. On 21st July I wrote this post when we'd been back from camping only a few days and I was trying to get back into working amidst a sea of holidayers i.e. everyone else in my family. 

Below is the list that sat beside my computer all summer and been helping me stay focused. As you can see almost everything is crossed off. 

One of the two that aren't is an ongoing professional development project, but I've already made significant progress on that. 

The other should be finished soon. I just need to get motivated to sort out an assignment I'm writing about conflict. Then I need to sort out some organisation things  to get it submitted (I'm supposed to share the three assignments I've written with colleagues or line managers, but so many of the relevant people seem to be on home assignment or otherwise engaged).
It wasn't easy, but I managed. Whenever the pressure built up and I felt like I was running on the spot I spent a morning or afternoon a coffee shop and always came away feeling re-energised (and it wasn't just the coffee). That only happened one or two times a week. Mind you, I haven't been working at 100%. Sleep-ins have been the norm (sorry if that makes you feel jealous). So despite working through the summer I'm feeling relatively rested.  
We also did some family outings: Odaiba (man-made island in the bay), Costco, and a few meals with other families. We didn't get to the Japanese Sword Museum. Maybe another time.

Now school is starting the day after tomorrow and I'm in a good spot in terms of stuff achieved! Maybe I'll have some more holidays after they've gone back to school? (Shhhh, don't tell them.) I've even got a coffee date organised to start off my "holiday from boys" i.e. school.

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