04 August, 2016

Photos from our summer in Tokyo #2

Here are some photos from the last week in Tokyo. The weather has been relatively mild until the last couple of days but we've still been sleeping in a bedroom that's around 30C. It's nights like these that make me wish for a tent because outside it isn't quite as bad as that. After nightfall it's lovely to go out riding, except for the mozzies. 

We've had some thunderstorms. This one turned out street into a river for a little while. The water was several inches deep. 

I found this cute guy at a shop. He's a pot plant holder. Now I'm looking for a small succulent to live in him. 

We finished the jigsaw, but unfortunately found there was one piece missing. We've since started another one of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and are enjoying it's vibrant colours. The Penguins were a little too monochromatic. 

For a bit of fun I painted my toenails last night, only the second time I've ever done this. I'm happy with the result. 

Not happy about this. Mozzies love me, always have. The mosquitos around our place are vicious. My right knee currently has more than half a dozen bites visible. 

Here's an accomplishment for the week: home made caramel ice cream and Rich Cheesecake  Brownie! Absolutely scrumptious. 

Also coffee. I've progressed to making myself iced coffee (decaf). 

And of course my water addiction. 

Today we've been out for several hours on an island on Tokyo Bay, a man made island. It's quite different to mainland Tokyo: the streets are wide and straight and the buildings large. It's a well known place of recreation and there is an amusement park as well as several large shopping centers.

We did neither of the above but instead visited a free Toyota showroom that had more than current models. They had some very cool concept vehicles. 

Then we headed off to the Miraikan. A science museum about the future. 

Some pretty stunning stuff. This huge globe had a constantly changing image. We think it was covered with hundreds of individual screens. 

Everyone on my family tells me this is a famous robot. It certainly was pretty impressive in its abilities. The ball and socket hip joints gave great mobility. As an OT I was impressed with its ten-fingered hands. 

Beautiful building. We were happy to be inside in air con, though. 

This we saw from the elevated train on our journey home. It's Tokyo Big Sight, a massive exhibition centre. 

Us, on the train. 

And now we're at home waiting for the boy scheduled to cook dinner, he's just returned from his daily run. Dinner won't be too far away once he showers. 


Caroline said...

What a shame about the missing piece, did it take a long time to put together? I've found that the longer it's partly made, the greater the chance there's a piece hiding somewhere on the floor (though in that case we usually eventually find it). Jigsaws that my boys have enjoyed have included maps, and one of the periodic table.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting jigsaws, particularly at op shops, because they're a good family activity that everyone doesn't have to be present at the same time to participate in. That probably sounds a bit weird, but as our boys have got older it's been more relevant.

Wendy said...

Hi Caroline. It took about two weeks, I think. I'll have a look, but there's not too many places for it to hide. It was a second-hand puzzle, so a missing piece doesn't surprise.

As a mum with two, nearly three teens, I totally understand how a family activity that doesn't require everyone to be present at the same time (or in the mood to participate) is valuable.

Hillary said...

Random question, but where do you get your decaf coffee? Is it the drip 'over your coffee cup' style or is it 'regular' grounds? (You can tell what a coffee connoisseur I am by my technical terms, but I'm just curious because I love iced coffee, but usually only have opportunity to drink it during my boys' afternoon nap time or before bed...I've just had friends bring it back for me when they make trips to America.)

Wendy said...

Hi Hillary. I used to get it from FBC, but I've recently discovered it's cheaper from iHerb.com (free shipping). It is ground coffee, It think that's what you're asking. I can also find it at a local import store, but you probably don't have a Kaldi near you, I'd go for iHerb!

Hillary said...

We have a Kaldi about 45 minutes from us, but rarely go. I never thought to try looking there though!
Thanks for the iHerb site! Will check it out!