18 August, 2016

Baking this summer

I've done a bit of baking recently, despite the heat. I think the guys eat less food, though, when they're on holidays. Sleeping late and generally being less active means they've been eating less snacks.
My recipe, pulled out of a magazine, like many of my
sweet recipes. The end result didn't look like that, though.

We had guests last weekend and I tried a new recipe: chocolate pavlova. Alas I messed up and it turned into a chocolate eggy sauce with a thin meringue crust on top. I didn't have any, I was so disappointed, but three guys had seconds. I believe one boy said it was the tastiest mistake he'd ever eaten. 
This was the Chocolate Pavlova Flop!

For snacks I made this chocolate oat slice a couple of weeks ago. It's lasted a long time (they're really eating less snacks) but is very tasty. Lovingly referred to as a chocolate hamburger biscuit by one boy!

These have mixed fruit in them (not choc chips) and were very easy. They don't look amazing but are very tasty. 

Then today I made Chunky Fudge Icecream. It's chilling just now so I don't have a verdict yet, but the scrapings off the bowl tasted pretty good!

This is Festive Fudge, the source of the fudge chunks for the icecream. Such a pity that we only needed a small portion of this. I guess we'll just have to eat the rest on its own!

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