21 August, 2016

Where have you been camping?

We're periodically asked about where we've been camping in Japan, and it's becoming a hard question to answer. In total, we've camped at 20 different campsites in Japan, a handful of those we've camped at twice.

We now have our eyes on further north: Tohoku. Maybe next summer?

I saw this short article today comparing the benefits of material wealth and those of travel. It basically said that getting new stuff makes us happy for a short while, but that wears off. However the joys of travelling stays with us for many years. I would agree. We've got many stories from our five years of camping. Good memories and bad, but certainly a lot of joy.

Of course I know the true source of happiness is not found in either things or experiences but in being in relationship with God. But I do not believe that we are not supposed to derive happiness from owning new things or from interesting experiences.

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