14 August, 2016

Photos from our summer in Tokyo #3

Monday morning promised a not-so-hot day, so when breakfast time revealed some cabin fever brewing in the ranks, I decided to get out for a few hours. I rode to my favourite craft/material store.

It's beautiful and has beautiful things in it, plus a calm, relaxing atmosphere (unlike those mega craft stores in Australia). I got some material on special and will start making it into a new table runner for our dining room this afternoon.

Part of my ride home along one of the two "rivers" in our city. I'm pretty sure these are Cherry Blossom trees, they're wonderful shade trees in summer!

In my rush to leave I forgot to take a snack with me and was feeling quite light-headed as lunch neared, but I wasn't yet home. So I stopped at one of the many vending machines I passed and bought this. A common flavour in Japan, not so in Australia.

I also stopped for groceries on my way home. I bought some Japanese curry roux base. What puzzled me was why the mildest roux in this brand was packaged in red! The blue and green were hotter.

Mondan night we had dinner with friends from school which turned into a board games night and we didn't get home till close to midnight. A fun time was had by all!

Tuesday was a scorcher (the temperatures were in the mid to high 30Cs). We turned the air con on mid-morning, but I escaped to my favourite local coffee shop where the air con was even colder, and there were way less distractions (like no Olympics playing in the next room)

Captured this sunflower and bee with my little phone camera on my way home. There are quite a lot of sunflowers around, they're a spectacular flower!
It's not easy to get a photo of these guys, but they sit in the trees and make an awful row, day and night. Cicadas. Better that they're on the other side of the screens in my opinion. 

We're continuing the policy of having boys cook one dinner meal a week during the holidays. This is Japanese curry made by our eldest.
These were the people I shared Thursday with: the Japan Harvest editing team. The computer conveyed the voice and video or just voice of two further members.
Last night we invited another family of three boys over for dinner. They're new to the school, mum and dad both teachers, and their eldest is in the same class as our youngest. It was fun getting to know some new people, though watching others begin the huge learning curve of starting at CAJ isn't that fun.

Now it is less than 12 days until school starts. I guess I'll have one more week of "summer" photos for you late next week. Anything you'd like to see a photo of?

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