08 May, 2016

Snapshots of our weekend

Yesterday we spent a whole day supporting one of our boys as he did sport. It was our middle son doing track and field again, his last meet of the season. 

It was almost inner city, close to Tokyo  Harbour. Only 30km, but it has taken us 2 1/2 hrs to drive in the past, so we went by train, much more reliable. The closest stop is actually on the monorail to one of the airports. I took this photo out our window. Looking back the other way our youngest said he was able to see even more trains at once than these four. 

I was slightly shocked to see someone Asian with his feet on the seats in front of him. It's not usually possible in a Tokyo train because for maximum capacity they mostly only have seats along the sides. I was "relieved" to see he had his shoes off though. Oh how "Japanese" I've become in some ways!

This screen shot of a Google map shows not just location but the route you'd take if you walked! The train route was more roundabout, but faster than 6 hrs. Only 90min. Our house being the blue dot and the red "pin" was the venue, a bit south of the city on what I think is a created island.

It was beautifully sunny. I tried to be sun-safe: hat, sunscreen, shirt, plus an umbrella because there wasn't much shade in the stands, but my soft winter-white skin still got a little burned. It was also gusting at times so today we feel a little crispy. 

I dressed in a t-shirt and knee-length skirt. It was glorious to be so free of clothes (I think it is the first time this year that my legs have been seen uncovered outside of our house). But in the morning, at 23C, it was still a little chilly if you stood in the shade. Hence my light jacket. 

Here's my husband (closest to the camera) and his colleague (also a CAJ maths and science teacher) both wearing the same school t-shirt and both watching their middle-school middle sons at track! Our families each have three boys of similar ages and similar sporting interests, so we've spent some time together over the last year. Terrence lamented yesterday that he'd forgotten to bring his sunglasses, that would have completed the "we're twins" image!

Here is our son finishing strong in the 100m (he's in the yellow and blue). He missed his PB/PR by 0.15 of a second. I love the photo that my iPhone took! 

It's a little unnerving to see these kinds of signs around near this venue. Gentle reminders that we live in earthquake prone territory and in a tsunami-vulnerable area.

The only photo I've taken today is this: my mother's day present from the guys. It arrived with an interesting, amusing story, but I won't tell you because that might just embarrass some boys. I love it, it's a great addition to my little indoor garden half-way up the stairs.

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