15 May, 2016

Finishing off the sporting year

Yesterday we spent 12 hrs at or commuting to and from our final sporting event for the school year. It was the Kanto region international high school track and field meet. And yes, the venue was Bonk Field! Two words that in Commonwealth English should never go together in polite company, but I bet the Americans who did this were completely oblivious to the innuendos. 

Our eldest son was again the top male thrower for our school, in both shot put and discus. But didn't come close to his best throwing yesterday so came in at 12th and 13th in these events. 

He's recently taken an interest in the 100m and ran for the first time in spikes, consequently running a significant personal best time. But only 39th out of 79 runners. Still it was great to see amazing determination on his face as he ran. 

After the meet we stopped at the food court for a cross-cultural experience. After three enormous days outside I was too exhausted to cope super well with such a thing, especially as I ended up ordering at a shop I've never been to before. It was all in English, but in good fast food tradition was hard to interpret if you didn't have some inside knowledge. The high school girls in front of us were quietly giggling as they heard us trying to figure out the menu. Both of them were also TCKs and totally understood our struggles. 

What turned out to be the most interesting part of this southern-American fast food from Popeyes was that every meal has an American biscuit (on the right in the photo) included. That wasn't mentioned on the menu. It is pretty much an Australian scone, though a tad more buttery. I began to eat mine plain but was quickly corrected by an American friend who said it must be eaten with honey and butter. 

So we're done for the 2015/2016 school sports year. Now we have nothing until September when cross-country begins. Next time we'll have three athletes!

But in the meantime I'm looking forward to some slower Saturdays.

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