17 May, 2016

Amercian biscuit vs Australia scone (Part 1)

Okay, so I encountered American biscuits on the weekend. They aren't as unique as perhaps people think they are. To prove it, I have a small quiz. Can you guess which of the below ingredient list is for American biscuits vs an Australian scone?

(The photos aren't from these recipes, just one is an Aussie
scone and the other is an American biscuit.)
I've edited the ingredients, only so that you can't tell from units or terminology which country they come from.

Recipe number one
  Flour — 2 cups
  Baking powder — 1 tablespoon
  Salt — 1 teaspoon
  Butter, cold, cut into small cubes — ½ cup
•  Milk —  cup

Recipe number two
o Flour, for dusting
o 3 cups flour
o 3 teaspoons baking powder
o 3 oz butter, cubed

o 1-1¼ cups milk

I'll give you the links for the recipes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

No 1: American
No 2: Australian
HOw did I go?
Just looking at the pictures makes me think I will have to bake some scones....and soon.

Georgia said...

It seems to me that British Scones often have sugar in/on them which sets them apart more from American Biscuits.

Caroline said...

I would guess no. 1 was American too, mainly because we wouldn't usually measure butter by the cup, and I don't think we'd use so much in scones. But they do sound pretty similar.

Wendy said...

But that doesn't help here, Georgia! I think that British scones and Australian scones are probably a little different. Basic Australian scones don't tend to have sugar in them. But as soon as I generalise like that there is an exception. I think my point holds that they're remarkably similar, even if they're used in quite different ways (we'd never serve scones with a main meal).

Georgia said...

Off task as usual.

Wendy said...

That's what makes it so fun to talk with you Georgia. Mind you, you should hear us when Lorna and I get together over coffee! "Noodling around"!