18 May, 2016

American biscuits vs Australian scones (Part 2)

Recipe 1: American biscuit

Recipe 2: Australian scone

Most guessed right. The chief difference (aside from the ratio of baking powder to flour) that I can see is how the recipe recommends they be served. Both American and Australian say "with jam" but the American adds "or with sausage gravy for breakfast" and the Australian adds "and cream".

Interestingly this morning I had coffee with a friend at a well-known American coffee chain. The food case had, lined up (now I wish I'd taken a photo): scones, American biscuits, and cookies. The main visible difference between the scones and biscuits was "bits" added. The biscuits were plain and round and the scones had chocolate chips or dried fruit and were triangle-shaped.

This is making me hungry plus hankering after a baking session . . . but I've got other work to do before the kids come home.

However, I'll leave you with a recipe for Australian Pumpkin Scones, just in case you were feeling like me. This is a recipe by a famous lady from my home state. I lived and worked in her home town for a while too: Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen, but I can't claim to having met her.

Here's a bit of a story I found here about these scones:
Pumpkin scones . . . became very popular in Australia as a must have with a cuppa. They were made very famous by the wife of one of our longest serving Premiers of Queensland, Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen.  
Lady Flo, was famous for greeting visiting journalists and dignitaries with a cuppa and a batch of freshly baked pumpkin scones. Just a little side comment and for a bit of a giggle she even wrote a book titled 'Politics and Pumpkin Scones'.


Anonymous said...

We're a bit lazy with the pumpkin scones at our house (sorry Lady Flo!).

3 cups of self raising flour and one 420g tin of condensed pumpkin soup. Stir it all together and drop it on the tray in big spoonfuls. (Some people still knead it and cut them out, but I told you we were lazy...) Bake in moderate hot oven for 10ish minutes until done.

This recipe gives time for baking and time for getting jobs done ;)

Wendy said...

That would be nice, if we could buy such a thing as pumpkin soup... Thanks for the tip, though.