03 May, 2016

Track and Field on Saturday

We had our third-last track and field meet for this year on Saturday. The location, Yokota Air Force base wasn't so far away (an hour or so by car), so that was very pleasant. Along with the green grass, trees, and warmer weather, it was almost holiday-like. Except for the unpleasant reminder at the gate that you're on a base. It took us almost as long to get through the gate as it did to drive there.

I'm a little confused by these brown cane-shaped objects that you see all over the airforce base. I'm assured that they're related to heating. The words say: "Warning. Hot steam pipe. Do not touch." Well they mustn't have been so hot on Saturday because kids were playing on them.

Yep, that's right. Somehow they managed to name an athletics field "Bonk Field". This memorial is really close to the discus circle, which makes you a little concerned!

It was just a middle school meet on Saturday. Here is our speedy middle schooler in the 4 x 400m relay. His split was about 61 sec, which is quite fast. I think he should have been doing the individual 400m this season, but it's too late now, he's only got finals left next week. Trouble is he's proving to be good at so many of the events, he could easily be running, throwing, and jumping all day long without a break.

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