28 May, 2016

Tokyo real estate anyone?

Interested in real estate in Tokyo? This brochure landed in our mailbox a few weeks ago, selling houses, apartments new and old as well as blocks of land. The price units are 10,000 yen, so the top left house for 3,180 万円 is actually 3,180 plus four zeros: 31,800,000 yen, or 400,830 Australian dollars. The block of land it is on is 65m square and the floor area of the house is about the same (two floors).

The penthouse apartment down the bottom right, however, is enormous, but also 5½ times the price. 

The next one has a photo of what a new house most often looks like (top left). No yard to speak of, but somewhere to park a car or even three. It is a little bigger than the first one I mentioned above with 86.67 metres square of floor space. Three bedrooms, two toilets, one bath, and a small kitchen.

This webpage gives a nice guide to reading Japanese floor plans plus some nice photos of inside Japanese apartments.
Nope, we're not interested in moving, nor buying. We can see ourselves in our current old  rented house for many years to come. But it is interesting to look at what people are living in and buying in our area. 

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