21 May, 2016

Different measuring systems

Today is the first Saturday in many that we've not gone to a sporting event early on Saturday morning and remained there almost all day. I do love being a sporting mum (yep I've grown, this morning I saw this post I wrote five years ago where I was struggling with this exact issue). 

I love that it gives me connecting and conversation points with my now-big boys. I love seeing them be challenged and learn from their successes and failures. I also love it that it is tonnes of non-screen time for them. It also helps fulfill my "extrovert" needs as we travel too and fro and spend the whole day with other parents who've become friends. However I do struggle with the all-Saturday commitment and the tiredness that brings. 

But today, and for quite a few more Saturdays in the coming months, we don't have live sporting events to attend (next one is early September). So I slept in, laid in, and then have been baking ever since. Ah, the luxury. 

I wanted to add a slight twist on the baking for you today. I've written before about how I make substitutions here a lot for things that are hard to get, or expensive. 

There's another challenge to baking/cooking. Many of you will be aware that Australian measurements differ from other countries. These days I use recipes from Australia, as well as recipes from international friends and even, as many of you do I'm sure, recipes from the internet. It isn't uncommon to be baking stuff with different measurements. I cope by using a Japanese cup (200ml, same as the US) as well as my Australian cup measure (250ml). I also have both Australian and Japanese tablespoons (20 & 15ml). My scales are Japanese and in grams, so I have a chart on the side of my fridge that helps with ounces etc. Actually this whole challenge isn't that foreign. Many of the recipes I grew up making with my mum were in ounces too. 

What I'm wondering now, is what do Australians in Australia cope with the different measurements they encounter in recipes sourced off the internet?

Editor's note: since this was published (yes, just a few minutes ago) an American friend told me that American cups are 8oz or 236ml! Arggh!


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