26 February, 2016

A bit of Friday fun

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for me. I'll tell you more in a couple of days. 
But for now, a bit of something light.* Here are some somewhat random questions that I've answered. It would be great if you'd have a go (an ?Aussie phrase, I learnt this last week...) at answering them too, in the comments. 

1. Are you right or left handed? Left handed but some things I do right handed, like use scissors. I use both hands to iron and knives I also use with either hand. I tend to use my right hand for strength tasks; when I was an OT I tested my hand strength and it is, unusually, stronger in my non-dominant hand (right hand).
2. When you were a kid, what job/role did you want to have as an adult? I'm not sure I ever had great ambitions. The only thing I can remember is that I definitely didn't want to be a nurse like my mum. I did think about becoming a librarian for a little while, though. Missionary was on the agenda theoretically (as it, it was a possibility) from an early age, but not fanatically, and I didn't tell anyone that until I was at university.
3. If you had to choose between chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice-cream, which would you choose? Chocolate. Or vanilla with caramel sauce (but not American caramel sauce, I think maybe it's flavoured with corn syrup rather that sugar cane syrup, in any case, I don't like it).
Here's another aspect of Japan I love: the bike culture.
For example there is a place to park your bike at most
shops. It is super easy to get around in your local area
on a bike, quiet and almost free too.

4. What are some of your favorite movies? Hmmm, that's hard. I really liked Les Miserables. I also like inspirational movies like "Dead Poets Society", "Mr Holland's Opus", and ones about people overcoming big disadvantages like illness or disability like "Paper Planes". Crime or mystery type movies I also love. 
5. Do you sleep with your socks on? I don't like hot or cold feet, so often I go to bed with sock on in colder weather. But I frequently take them off in winter after I've warmed up in bed.
6. What do you enjoy about the culture you live in? Orderly, clean, reliable, courteous.
7. Have you ever needed stitches? Any good stitches stories? The only stitches I've had were for my three Caesarians. They're not really good stitches stories. 
However, I probably should have had stitches in my chin after I fell backwards into a swimming pool. I was with a friend and her mum and was foolishly demonstrating how you should never stand facing with your back towards the water on a pool edge and I slipped. When we got home my mother was distracted by my sister who'd been bitten by a bee in my absence and had an allergic reaction. By the time they realised my chin probably needed some attention, it was already partially healing. Only a problem if I end up with a double chin sometime in the future.
8. What do you enjoy doing on Saturday morning? Sleeping in, reading, eating a leisurely breakfast when I want to.
9. Today, what’s the weather like where you are? I'm in Bangkok till this evening. It is very pleasant here this morning, 26 at the moment (going up to 33) with humidity at 50%. It reminds me of Australian summer days. Better than Tokyo today, which is currently 8C!
10. What smells do you like? Cut grass, cooking onion, coffee. I've grown to love the smell of the soup that Japanese udon is cooked in. It's a slightly fishy, soy smell. Good memories of Sunday lunches.

*This is in response to a writing theme prompt for this week on Velvet Ashes' The Grove, an online community of Christian women serving overseas.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Here you go.
1. Right handed
2. Primary school teacher
3. Chocolate
4. Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, etc.
5. In Cambodia - almost never. In Australia during winter - start with them on until my feet warm up then I end up with a stash of socks at the bottom of my bed, having kicked them off.
6. Politeness; modesty of dress; and appreciation of, respect for, and support for teachers by parents.
7. Yes. Skin lesions removed. As a toddler I went through a plate glass window and had stitches in the back of my head.
8. Sleeping in and reading.
9. Hot and sticky. Currently 37°C.
10. Rain, roast dinner cooking, cakes and biscuits cooking, lemon.

Davis Family said...

I am so glad I wasn't the only one who did the response in this way. :) I also do what you do with socks to bed. I have not seen the movie "Paper Planes" but I would like to see it now! I was just thinking I haven't seen Mr. Hollands Opus in a long time

Wendy said...

Thanks for dropping by Davis Family! Paper Planes is an Australian movie, that's probably why you haven't seen it.
Karen, you're quite the "classics" movie lady, aren't you! I love those smells too, forgot about roast dinners. I love BBQ smells too, especially onion.

Amy Young said...

Thanks for linking with Velvet Ashes ... and I love how you paid this forward :)!