12 February, 2016

How's it going?

David arrived home again last night, after I was in bed but before I went to sleep (I usually spend a good portion of an hour reading, or if I'm bad, playing word games or Sudoku or Spider Solitaire on my phone).

Anyway, we got to catch up just a tiny bit, not a lot. Then this morning it was straight back into the fray of a school day. Tonight and tomorrow I'm hoping to have a bit more time to hear how things went in Australia. But from what I understand he's had a good visit with his dad and family. His dad is still in good spirits most of the time, with enough energy to walk a little around the hospital.

Meanwhile, I've had a pretty good week. Better than most of the times he's been away. I guess I didn't have much time beforehand to work myself into a stew this time! Wrestling has been a considerable distraction, of course. And also lots of people have been praying for us, so that makes a huge difference. Thank you, if that's been you.
Last night we went down to school to watch a little bit of
basketball and eat dinner. CAJ seniors sell a pretty good
Japanese Curry at a reasonable price on these days, so
it's nice to take the night off and eat there, plus catch-up
with some people I don't necessarily see that often. The
moon that you can barely see in the photo was a gorgeous
silver sliver.

I'm also thankful for the people I've spent time with this week, it's ended up being a more social week than I would usually plan. So I've not done as much "work" as I'd like to have done but I'm probably in a better mental state than I would have been if I'd tried to do computer work all week and not take time to spend face-to-face with adults.

Life moves on, though in a way it will stand still for three of us for a little bit. Tomorrow is a designated rest day. Then David and our eldest will leave with the CAJ wrestling team for Korea early on Sunday. They'll be away four nights. But actually Monday and Tuesday are school holidays, they are called "Winter Break" (though four days isn't much of a break). 

So it will be just the three of us here at home for three days next week. I'm hoping to get some editing work done, this week was the deadline for articles for the Spring issue and have about 20 articles waiting for me to look at. But I need to balance that with some rest because I know that I'm tired, for example I was having trouble getting my eyes to adjust from reading to distance yesterday despite my transitional lenses.
I can now take these jeans off without undoing anything.

And tired isn't good when I've got my own international travel coming up the next week (from the 21st). There is so much illness going around and I know that David and I are vulnerable because we're tired. Two or more members of the wrestling team were down with fevers or other illnesses yesterday. We're hoping it isn't the flu. Our family is entirely healthy so far.

On an entirely different note, I am feeling a bit thin! I don't think these jeans were ever super tight, but they're certainly looser than they were a year ago when we were in Australia. The scales tell me I've lost about seven or eight kilos since then. Japan is good for me! I haven't been consciously trying to lose weight, though maybe having a wrestler in that category has rubbed off on me?

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Sarah said...

Praying for your father-in-law, Wendy (is he a Christian?). How good that your husband got to spend time with him.