03 February, 2016

Simple faith is all that is needed

This mural is on the wall at our mission's Japan headquarters.
The sermon we heard on Sunday was about the gospel. About people's responses to Jesus' good news. It looked at two Old Testament examples of simple faith, examples that Jesus himself retold in Luke 4:21-30. 

1. The poor widow who was provided with abundant oil in response to her obedient faith in what she was told to do by the prophet Elijah.1 Kings 17:8-14

2. Naaman, an army commander, who was healed of a skin disease by simply dipping in a river seven times as instructed by the prophet Elisha. 2 Kings 5:1-4

What particularly struck me was the quote at the end of the sermon, which I have in front of me because I get a copy of the script of the sermon in English. 
The same principle applies throughout the Christian life. When it comes to our education, our relationships, our calling, our ministry, our retirement, our future, we do not know what God has in store for us. But we take it on faith, trusting that he will keep his promise to protect and provide for us. God offers full salvation in Jesus, and anyone who believes in him will see everything that God has to offer. Can you believe it? If you can, you will see it. Phil Ryken, Luke, p186. 
So true. 

Death scares us because we know it could happen to someone we love. It's something we have no control over and can cause tremendous pain.

Unemployment scares us because we don't know how we'll supply our needs.

Mission scares us because there are so many unknowns. So little control that we can exert over where it might lead us.

Simple faith–the answer to so many of life's anxieties. 

Oh Lord, please forgive me for my fear, my lack of trust in you.


Amanda Hunt said...

I agree. For myself simple faith was much easier when I wasn't considering that what God wants for me might be pain or suffering. To think too deeply about what 'might' happen really puts the stops on simple faith.

Wendy said...

Hi again Amanda. Yes, but in a way it is a chicken-egg situation. Simple faith can help put an end to the anxiety of thinking too deeply about the possibilities.