14 February, 2016

Published a couple more times

UPDATE: the link on number two was broken, fixed now.

While I've been busy with other things this month, a couple of short articles I "wrote earlier" were published. It's a funny thing, writing. People talk to you about something you've written as if you've just written it, but chances are it was something you wrote six months ago, or even, as I note below, more than two years ago. Same with editing. I'm about 1 ½ issues ahead of everyone else. What my audience is reading now, I was reading well before Christmas last year.

Anyway, here are the two things that I know about that were published:

1. I was featured in an online magazine this month. Connection, the online magazine of Thrive, a community of Global Women. I've had a few other things published by them and they asked if they could include me in their "Global Woman Highlight" this issue. If you want to hop across to have a look, this is the link

2. A meditation I wrote more than two years ago was finally published last week in The Upper Room magazine, in the paper edition as well as online.


3. This article about teaching Third Culture Kids was written by my husband, but edited and submitted by me.

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