05 February, 2016

Single parent hat is on

Good memories of Christmas with my
in-laws in 2014.
From today I have my single parent hat on for most of the next two weeks. David's flying to Australia this evening to spend time with his dad and family (see why here). He gets back next Thursday late and flies again next Sunday with the wrestling team to their international three-day meet in Korea. The latter has been planned for some time, the former only two days ago.

I don't like being a single parent. If you've read my blog for long you'll know that (see here), but admittedly it is getting easier as they get older.

But just like choosing to come back to Japan in obedience to our call even when my feelings weren't there yet last year, I choose to do this without protesting (though I may complain about my boys on occasion). I choose to be thankful for my husband who we love so much that he is greatly missed when he is away. And I pray he will be a blessing to his family and others he encounters while he's away. 

I also pray that he will have all the energy he needs. Just the journey there is arduous: two nights, three planes, three or more trains, and a 300+km car trip at the end.

I've also just rediscovered this song, I think I'll be playing it a few times in the coming days.

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