11 January, 2016

Off balance

I fear that I'm headed down this path again: Conversation Bore

I'm a mama bear with a muddled head who is having trouble talking (or listening) to other people about other things at the moment. I'm usually a reasonable conversationalist (I think) and am usually pretty emotionally stable. Wrestling season messes with my relational and emotional antennae. It actually scares me a little bit. I'm not used to being this off balance.
Here are some people who may feel similar to me today,
I'm not sure. These are some of the CAJ parents who sat through
the 10 hours of wrestling on Saturday. (I've blanked out our son
and another child's face, I don't post photos of our kids here
on my blog).

On the edge of ordinary? Yes, I feel that right now. Perhaps more on the edge than usual? Five and a half more weeks of this season and things will begin to right themselves again. In the meantime, if you come across me in person, you may not find me quite as I usually am. Perhaps you'll want to give me a wide berth until mid-February? Your choice, don't say you weren't warned.

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