17 January, 2016

Quick wrestling update

Quick update on yesterday's wrestling feast. It was a smaller meet, seven schools instead of last Saturday's twelve. But still we watched our team in more than 45 bouts. 

Because it was a smaller meet, and because it was held much closer (only about 40 minutes to get there, longer on the way home), we're feeling less exhausted today. Making it home for dinner last night made a big difference. Way better than last week.

Our son only had four bouts this time and he won them all. Three fairly easily (one pin and two technical falls meaning our son got 10 points more than his opponent and means the bout is called off at that moment) but the other was close and difficult to watch. 

Me and Renee, a new member of staff, mother of another
wrestler and friend at wrestling yesterday.
Her son is a champion cross-country
runner, so they know about spending weekends at
sporting events.  We spent NYE with her and her
family. So wonderful to have other mums around to help
support each other while we watch our kids wrestle.
Oh, they live not far away (300m) and were our lift to
and from the meet yesterday.
Here's the drama: he quickly pinned this guy when he met him in December. Last week they wrestled for a full six minutes and our son was beaten on points. So yesterday was like a tie breaker. 

This kind of repeated meeting of wrestlers who are closely matched are interesting to see played out over the weeks. Last time this happened for our son was in eighth grade. He wrestled the same guy (I called him JK) four times in four meets. They won two each. It was, again, gut wrenching to watch and live through, but it was also very good for them both. It pushed them to become better wrestlers. I hope it will be the same this time as I'm sure they'll meet again.

The gold medal winner of last Saturday for this weight class didn't wrestle yesterday, we don't know why. He's going to be a significant challenge. His team is scheduled to wrestle ours on Wednesday, so we'll see if our son gets a chance to take him on then.
I loved this sight: our son talking with one of CAJ's former students, teachers, and
member of the wrestling team and coach. He lives close by but now works at another
 international school, but obviously has still has strong connections in the CAJ community.
He also has a real heart for young people and loves wrestling.
Our son receiving the gold medal for his weight class, which
only contained five people yesterday.

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