31 January, 2016

Home tournament

Yesterday we hosted a six-school wrestling tournament at CAJ. In previous years our family has been merely observers or parent-supporters. This year that all changed. 

David in the coach's seat. Beside him is a
former CAJ wrestler from a few years back
who provided valuable coaching assistance
David was the main coach and coordinator of our team as the head coach was still absent, helping his wife settle back at home after both her and their new son were discharged finally on Friday. He had the valuable help of a former champion CAJ wrestler who happened to be in town just this week. 

Thankfully there were other experienced support people around, especially a former wrestling mum who is very experienced at running the complicated administrative side of such an event. We had the facilities coordinator on hand for issues like mike problems and circuit blow-outs. The school sports coordinator was on hand at clean up time to tidy up the gym. We also had a nurse on hand for any medical issues. 

Me and my friend Renee. This is the wider shot of the below photos,
the mums on the sideline.
And a couple of newbies. Our announcer had never done this before but did a fantastic job. He is a new wrestling parent, his son is having a great rookie year in 9th grade. 

I was the other newbie. I coordinated the hospitality room for the 19 coaches and refs. I had superb support from many of the team's parents and we put on a huge spread (wishing I took some photos of that too). It went better than I expected and I had hardly anything to do during the day yesterday because the four families I asked to help me keep an eye on the room did such a good job. 

Our son on top, manoeuvring his opponent into a position
for a pin.
Plenty of wrestling action to keep us busy and entertained. Our son won his three matches. Particularly satisfying was a win against a guy he's wrestled three previous times. This time quite a bit easier than the previous two. Now he's won three and the other guy just one of their encounters. Interestingly in the next three weeks they could meet again four more times!

Our youngest son also wrestled yesterday, also winning all his bouts and getting a gold medal. He can't wait till next season when he'll get to be a legitimate team member. 

Having lost about 3 kilos for this season, our son's muscles are even more
defined on the mat. That comes not from weight training per se,
but rather wrestling fairly consistently for more than four years now.
People keep asking about our middle son. Yes he can wrestle and he's actually pretty good for a beginner, but he's not passionate about being involved, especially in the rigorous training. But he does enjoy supporting his brothers. His chance for the spotlight is coming in the next sporting season where he's joining the track and field team to run.

Meanwhile I've only got one more wrestling meet to enjoy live this season: next week. The team has three more, the last being a three-day monster in Korea. I wish I could go, but as David has to go, I'll stay home with the other two. But next year, our eldest's senior year, my plan is to be there!

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