13 January, 2016

Three common Japanese things

1. Onigiri
Japanese rice balls. As common as sandwiches in Western countries, these are a cheap filling snack or meal. These ones are wrapped so the seaweed is separate to the rice till you open it. Ingenious. The seaweed isn't soggy. They cost me less than a dollar each. Onigiri were close to the top of the list of things that the boys missed about Japan while in Australia.

2. Hot drinks in vending machines (discerned by whether the price is displayed on red or blue background). 
Very common this time of year. I took this in a supermarket car park and had a choice of four different machines to photograph. There were more down the road. Japan has a staggering number of vending machines, especially drink, but a number of other things as well. Apparently more than 5.5 million!

3. Cute traffic barriers. 
It is very common to see various animal or other cute likenesses on traffic barriers. Not sure why! These two photos were taken from the same vantage point on my ride this morning. 


Sarah said...

I can imagine those traffic barriers would get stolen in Australia.

Wendy said...

Why? What do you do with a cute traffic barrier!?!

Sarah said...

When I was at uni, heaps of students would pinch signs and stuff, just for the fun of it.