25 January, 2016

Lost a handbag?

No problem, you can go and get it back, it's hanging on a bush next to the river.

I rode past this unusual sight yesterday, a handbag hanging on a bush. 

It isn't unusual to find items that have been dropped by someone in Japan hanging or perched on fences, but usually they are much smaller, like gloves or a towel. 

Theft is less often a problem here. I don't know if this bag still had all its original contents, or any contents. But it isn't uncommon for people to get back wallets full of cash left on a train.

Though theft does occur. We've had a bike stolen, and this foreigner had her underwear stolen off her line. Can you imagine making a police report on stolen underwear!?!

On a more serious side about crime, I'm sad that though Japan seems to be light on in small crime like theft, bigger crimes, like a lack of compassion for refugees, seems to be quite acceptable.

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