07 January, 2016

Star Wars Sand Castles in the Snow

This was 2001, our second winter in Sapporo.
Some people wonder where I've gotten ideas for nearly seven years of frequent blogging. Mostly it is everyday experiences or photos and sometimes ideas just pop out from my email, RSS, or FB feed! It is the latter today.

We lived nearly four years in Sapporo (2000-2004). The annual snow and ice festival at the start of February was a must-go. It was amazing and very cold! 

One year we went to the place where they'd made a children's playground out of ice and snow: stacks of slides and long lines is what stands out in my memory (and a boy who was very impatient about waiting).

There were many huge sculptures and just as many smaller ones. Very often there was something contemporary to the last year, so it is no surprise to me to read today that they made a star wars sculpture last year. I wonder if they'll do another one this year?

The amusing part of it all is that they use the Japanese defence force to do much of the larger statues. Why, are they bored?

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