03 January, 2016

Nights away from home in 2015

One of the most beautiful places we stayed during the year:
Borumba Deer Park.
Inspired by a fellow blogger J, I've lists the places our family spent one or more nights away from home during 2015.

Perigean Beach SU camp (5 nights)
*Borumba Deer Park camping (3 nights)
[Middle son on school camp (2 nights)]
Toowoomba (1 + 1 + 1+ 1)
Canberra (1 night)
*Jindabyne (3 nights)
Cania Dam camping (3 nights)
Bundaberg (1 night)
Sippy Downs, Buderim (1 night)
[David and eldest son @ Canberra National Championships (2 nights)]
[David @ Springsure with his dad (3 nights)]
*Redbank Plains (5 nights)
*Gold Coast (2 nights)
Chiba (2 nights)
*Thailand (6 nights)
*Lake Yamanaka (5 nights)
*Niigata camping (4 nights)
[David in Malaysia (6 nights)]
Hokuto camping (2 nights)
Miyota holiday (5 nights)

52 nights for the whole family, or about 14% of our nights. Not too bad really, for half the year being a home assignment year. I have to say it felt like more than that sometimes. Almost half (24) of those nights were in June and July.

*A place we've not stayed at before (including a new suburb)

What new places did you stay at or visit in 2015?

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