12 January, 2016

I do have a life outside of wrestling

Today's challenge, can I write a blog post that isn't about wrestling? It's been five days since I last did that . . .
I made these empanadas with left-over
chili mince for dinner last week. They
made great transportable food for Saturday.

I'm also in the middle of magazine matters. In the last week I've been finishing up the editing on the winter issue which is a five year anniversary issue. This March it's five years since Japan's triple disaster (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear). We've got some great articles about what God's done since that time through his people. The designers are about to take ahold of the content and do their thing, so I'm moving on to other things, like:

  • thinking about the cover of that issue
  • starting the ball rolling on the spring issue (receiving proposals this week and next)
Plus other non-magazine things like . . . oh, I can't mention wrestling, can I?

But truly, I do have a life outside wrestling. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate on, but it's there. I've:

  • answered emails from across the world, people wanting to know about or get involved in mission in Japan. Since the start of this year I've received emails from people in Malaysia, South Africa, Afghanistan/Germany (same person, not sure of the story), US/China, Canada, Cameroon, and Singapore
  • kept the family larder stocked, and food on the table (that included a bunch of stuff including breakfast, that we took with us for our all-day marathon on Saturday)
  • put boys to bed when they were too tired to make the decision for themselves
  • got boys out of bed when they were too tired to do it
  • folded washing, washed up dishes, and other usual household tasks
  • done exercise
  • gone to a couple of prayer meetings
  • yesterday I spent several hours with parents from 11th grade over a potluck lunch, getting to know one another and having fun.
  • started organising the hospitality room for the 30th when CAJ is hosting five other schools for a sporting event that I'm not going to mention...
Oh, and this afternoon I've had a massage, haircut, and a coffee at a local shopping centre. That's helped with the fatigue from the weekend.

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