01 April, 2015

Today's successes

I'm feeling accomplished and thankful.

Transport without a car
The problem with being reliant on bikes to get places, is that weather can intervene, as can other problems like mechanical failure. Today I woke to teeming rain. That meant alternatives needed to be found to get the boys to school because David leaves too early to take them three days a week. Thankfully a retired couple from our church who live close by were able to help out.
Life in Australia revolves around the use of cars. This
was my first car and made getting around to things
off-campus much easier. I gave many people lifts in
this oldie (older than me), she was such a blessing.

It also meant that Plan A: to ride to the bus to get to my physio appointment this morning, was in jeopardy. Plan B also failed: change appointment to later.

So I went to Plan C, which was to walk through the rain with a large umbrella, except that when I got out the door I realised that the rain had all but stopped. So, in the end I got back to Plan A and rode. I didn't even have to go with the second half of Plan C, which was to wait for David to pick me up on his way home from lecturing. Yay. 

That is a mental weight lifted off me. I know I can get to the two nearest train stations and three nearby shopping centres (within 10km) independent of a car now. Yes, I know, we've only got three months left here...but still I feel less shut-in.

Progress at the physio
I've been seeing a physio for a niggly knee issue and frequent headaches. This is something I've put off for a long time because it costs money and time. In fact I didn't even think of seeing a physio about my headaches until I filled out the New Patient form while waiting to see her for the first time. I've struggled with headaches for many years, but it seems like we're making progress on that. I'm trying to look after myself, and maybe it's going to pay off!

Medical expenses claimed
I also accomplished something this morning that frustrated me all yesterday morning. I managed to claim some medical expenses on-line with Medicare. This is a re-entry shock kind of problem. I guess all Australians have had to deal with this change, but we encounter four years' worth of changes all at once. I guess I've just missed out on this one until now because most places we've been this time at home have done the claiming as you pay them. 

Last time we were in Australia you had to go to a Medicare office to get it done, or post a claim form. Now it is done on a smart device: phone or tablet, using a website that I am thankful I discovered and registered with before coming back to Australia. However yesterday I had numerous problems that blocked me, especially my inability to get the password right and a phone that has too little space on it. I ended up getting myself blocked for 12 hours. But this morning managed to accomplish it (at least I haven't heard that it was unsuccessful yet).

Storage for our return
The fourth thing that I'm excited about it that we're also making progress in finding a place to store our household goods for the coming three years. Can't say much more than that, but it looks like God's provided a way over a big hurdle.


Georgia said...

Lots of great news! I'm really pleased you may get some relief from those headaches. They can be so debilitating and are one of the many ailments that others can't see, so tend to discount.

Wendy said...

Indeed Georgia. Because they aren't as bad as migraines, I feel uncomfortable letting people know that I'm struggling with these, but it's become a chronic problem that no one has solved yet. So I'm hoping this will be "it".