05 April, 2015

Advice for writers about editors

Some advice for writers and want-to-be writers about editors from a well-published author (he was writing about book publishing, but the same applies to magazines):

"Unless you sell a manuscript for a flat fee, any reputable publishing house will send you the changes they make on your manuscript. 
That also means it's truly a mutual arrangement. The editor suggests changes and you, as the author, have the right to reject or respond with a different wording.  
A word of caution here. Editors aren't your adversaries and they try to make it the best product possible. Try not to be defensive. Read the changes and ask yourself, "Does this improve the manuscript?" 
Remind yourself that once the book is printed, readers will think everything is your work."
From Cec Murphy's blog.

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Sarah said...

Thanks. That's especially relevant for me right now.