16 April, 2015

Unseen footprints photo

I've run out of emotional energy and time today. It's still holidays and now we're home we've been using internet access as an incentive to get some jobs done around here. Worked well the first day, not so well from then on and particularly bad today, as we had to tackle some of the less palatable jobs (as far as the kids were concerned).
One of the jobs has been tidying our garden. This is
what it looked like before we moved in. It doesn't look
much like it at present, but gardening isn't something
we're used to doing . . . having lived in apartments and
houses with tiny yards for the last 16 years.

Made worse by David being away lecturing, so it was me vs. a tribe of grumpy boys. If you don't have boys, don't be deceived, boys can be just as nasty as girls in verbal barbs. I know, I grew up with only sisters and am now experiencing boys.

Anyway, to save me moping here or otherwise having a pity party, I'm posting a link to a photo that my eldest son took when we were in Perth. It was published this week as Picture Praise by Thrive Connection, a magazine for cross-cultural workers, along with a blurb that I wrote linking the photo to Psalm 77:19
Your way was through the sea,
your path through the great waters;
yet your footprints were unseen.

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